fixHomz Utilities Bundle


Keeping the lines free and clear! That's how fixHomz rolls. Our fixHomz one-year utility bundle ensures the your water, sewer and electric lines keep flowing and lighting up for your family.  The plan covers issues with utiliy lines. It must be purchased in conjunction with one of our base plans, including Complete, Essentials and Kitchen Basics, found here.

All products are covered for mechanical failure. So if anything breaks down, our expert techs will be on the scene to service, repair, or replace your home product.

There is a $100 service fee/deductible at the time of service scheduling for each service call.

And our program has been designed with higher claim limits, at both the product and plan level, which are transparent and simple to understand so that you get the most value possible from your fixHomz home warranty coverage!

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Coverage Detail
  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Electrical Lines

The plan includes a $100 deductible due at the time of service scheduling for each service call under the plan. For full terms of service and claims limits, refer to the Terms and Conditions at this link, you can also check out this video.

Hassle-Free Repairs
Expert help whenever you need it.
Enjoy reliable, hassle-free service from our network of vetted service providers on any product, appliance, or system in your home.
Home service at your fingertips.
Make claims and request service by phone or online without the added stress.
A personal project manager for your home.
Your own IT department, handyman, and maintenance expert—ready when you need them.
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