Healthy Home On-Demand

Healthy Home On-Demand

  • Set up and configure your WiFi
  • Troubleshoot your smartphones, computers, smart home tech, and more
  • Inspect smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Check refrigerant levels and clean your HVAC filters
$ 99.99 / plan
Whole Home Warranty Protection

Whole Home Warranty Protection

  • Full unit coverage for appliances, HVAC, and other home systems
  • Bundle with on-demand services and extended warranties
  • Transparent coverage limits and exclusions
  • Reliable, expert service providers
$ 19.99 / month
Featured On-Demand Products

Your Home Life Made Easy.

With fixHomz from OnPoint Warranty, you tell us what you need to protect your home, your product, and your time. With fixHomz, you can:

Outsource all your home maintenance

Clean HVAC coils, inspect fire extinguishers, and change out smoke detectors. Mount a TV, install your home theater, or connect a gaming system.

Hire your own personal IT department

Configure your smartphone, computers, WiFi network, and smart doorbell. Install new home security products and troubleshoot technical issues, plus much more.

Protect the things you use every day

Enjoy coverage on everything from smart locks and doorbells to smartphones and laptops. Bundle a home warranty to protect from appliance, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical failures too.

Request Service On-Demand

OnPoint Home Services dispatches the best techs with the right skills and shortest response times.

Track Appointment Status Updates

Because who has time for a five-hour appointment window?

Add and Remove Coverage as you need it

Add coverage for products as you buy them. Remove what you don’t need.


“My dogs are real fans of OnPoint Home Services home management. I cannot open the door to get ice for myself without them running to get a handful of ice, summer or winter. They love it. Thank you for the great service.”


“My kudos to your customer support team for addressing my problem with speed and to your engineers for producing a well thought out design for this machine. I am recommending it to everyone who comes to my house.”


“ I must say that dealing with the customer service department was fantastic.”

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